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Self Serve Publisher Platform



The previous publisher platform was for internal use only, and our account managers had to spend too much time setting up ad placements, specifically for companies with scaling inventory.


Create a self service platform that would allow our publisher clients to create and set up their own ad placements, allowing them and BounceX to scale and work at more efficient pace. 


As a product designer at BounceX I was tasked with researching the current publisher platform, conducting competitor research, and designing a new self service platform for our publisher clients.

Competitor Research & Feature Matrix

After studying our current product, conducting competitor research, and reviewing the product manager's preliminary case study I put together a list of features that would be needed and/or beneficial for the new platform.
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Site Map

site map.png

User Flow

Mock Ups

I worked with the BounceX design system and components, while designing some new elements to create the platform UI.
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