I'm Alexis

I'm Alexis

I'm Alexis

About me

After working in the entertainment, fashion, and art gallery industries, I made my way to Product Design when I saw the opportunity to combine my creative pursuits, analytical mindset, and love of problem solving, to make products that are engaging, enjoyable, and effective.

Outside of design I am a passionate culinary and hospitality industry enthusiast; I love talking about the latest restaurants, chefs, and recipes I am cooking. 

I currently reside in the West Village of NYC.

My Process

My Process

Ask questions & get answers

Why are we trying to build this feature or product? What data do we have to back up our assumptions? Who are our users? Why would they want this? What sort of research do I need to do before I start ideating? These are just some of the questions I ask before starting any project.


How are we going to tackle this project? Who do I need to partner with to make this a success? What sort of user research or data will I need to collect? How will we test our assumptions and validate the designs? What early feedback can I get from engineering to understand the constraints I need to design against? I like to establish clear communication and alignment with my team members so we can deliver and meet expectations.


How could this look and feel? What are all the ways this project or feature can realize itself? This is the time to explore by design. I like to ideate over and over until I nail down on approach (or approaches) that the team feels worthy to test.

Prototype & Test

Testing is an important part of my process. I want to make sure users understand the feature and how to complete tasks. You can't validate everything before launch, but you can find out if you're on the right track, or more importantly, on the wrong one.

Hand Off

This is when I organize and clean up my work to prepare for hand off. What error states am I missing? Do I need to prototype an interaction for engineering to understand expected behavior? Do I need to scale back my ideal state for an MVP version that can get us to a quicker launch? Partnering with engineering is very important to me at this time, and it's all about collaboration in order to deliver efficiently and effectively.


No design work is really ever done. After launch I like to understand if we're meeting expectations by looking at data, getting user feedback, and observing our users with the live product in hand if possible!

My Tool Kit

My Tool Kit




Spline (3D & Animations)

Jitter (UI Animations)



Current favorite Figma plugin:

QoQo AI (for AI generated UX & Product assets)

My Skills

UI Visual Design

User Experience Design

Interaction Design

User Research



Design Strategy

Process Implementation

Design Management